Sunday, Sunday

Yes I know it's not Sunday yet. But I have plans for Sunday. On Sunday I will make pasta sauce. Then I will make lasagna. Maybe I'll make breadsticks or biscuits. But that may take more ambition than I have (more than likely).

There will be some experimenting with the sauce/lasagna tomorrow. I'm adding zucchini. I just haven't decided how I'm going to incorporate it though. And my stupid (really, it's stupid) local grocery store did not have frozen spinach so I bought fresh and need to figure out how I want to incorporate that into the lasagna. I'm of two minds and I can't decide which I'm going to listen to. ;-)

If I can find a recipe for which I have supplies maybe I'll make a dessert from Small-Batch Baking. I checked it out from the library this week. I will eventually review it - you know after I read it and try something...(ie don't hold your breath).