Random recap

So yeah...in the last month I've meant to post about some stuff and didn't and then it just seemed too past due to do it. So in a nutshell here are some random things that I've meant to blog about in the last month...

RMR - I went to a taping of the Rick Mercer Report on Feb 3. I'm supposed to tell you that he's very funny, said nice things about past audiences, and that he's very tall. Ilan was nice enough to come with me since ZoeKaren couldn't make it to Toronto. We got free RMR pins and got to sit in the front row. And oddly enough he did a piece in that show from Souris, PEI - not exceptionally far from where I grew up. Oh and he's really fidgety.

Modern dance - I went to see Peggy Baker dance. Modern dance is weird. Not always unenjoyable but weird. One weird dance, one slightly weird dance, and one kick-ass dance. I was impressed because the woman is in her 50s and can move better than I can in my 20s and better than I've ever been able to in my life. But it was still weird.

Burlesque - I watched a documentary on burlesque called Pretty Things. It was a series of interviews with some of the big burlesque dancers of the past. They were very interesting and several of them were quite feisty. I do like feisty women. However the maker of the documentary - Liz Goldwyn - annoyed the crap out of me. She couldn't seem to believe that these women didn't totally enjoy the whole process and miss it horribly. All I have to say to that is that it's fine and dandy to have a romantic view of it when you do it for fun and your own entertainment and not as your job and in public in a hall full of men who are jerking off behind their newspapers and offering you money for your unwashed g-string. Gah! I seriously wanted to kick her but even with that I do recommend the documentary (Lee, I think you'd really like it).

Tattoos - Valentine's Day was the 8 year anniversary of my eye tattoo. I was going to blog about it but since I still don't have a picture of it I figured I might as well wait until I do. And no, it's not the same as the eye in header.