I know I've been really bad at keeping this blog up to date. I just feel like it would be better with photos. I *am* working on getting a digital camera. I have a savings account that I keep sticking money into. But I'm also working on knocking down some credit card payments so please be patient. I have found a place where I think I can get decent prices.

I have a lot of posts in my head for this blog that simply do not want to come out on paper (err the screen???). I actually think about this blog a lot. Possibly because I think about food a lot. And I like talking about food. I used to do it online every day back in the iVillage days. I do miss the Cooking for One board that used to exist. I don't miss my subsequent boards so much (too many convenience foods -blah).

I've been doing some research on small-batch baking. I do rather enjoy baking but my issue is that I don't like eating sweets that much. And when I get the occasional craving I often ignore it because there is no way I plan on wasting that much in terms of baked goods. It's not too bad if I know I'm going to meet up with the boys or something because I can always foist the food off on them. I actually *want* to be invited over to peoples places so I can bring dessert. lol I need guinea pigs. Any volunteers??? I make a mean key lime pie...

I *will* try to post on here more often. I have oodles of food posts in me...if I can just get them out.