And in the end...

I went the responsible route.

I am talking about my bonus of course. I spent a bit of it on Wednesday when I was out shopping. I bought a pair of jeans that were marked down to $20 (normally $40). I simply do not GET people who spend $200 on a single pair of jeans. I've heard people say "but cheap jeans don't fit me properly." I'm convinced they are just not looking hard enough. I also bought something at lingerie store that I'm happy to report was marked down for $60 to $15. I also had to buy contact solution and other various household stuff which as usual, added up to more than I wanted it to (although I did buy two of everything so I'm stocked up for awhile).

For the responsible stuff - I put $100 into my short-term savings account (ie the digital camera, etc account). The remaining few hundred I stuck on one of my credit cards (it would have been about $100 more but I um forgot about a student loan payment when I was budgeting things last week...still had plenty of money to cover it but it would have put me $100 behind where I wanted to be). Nothing went into longterm savings because I need to provide them some more verification and I figure better to throw it on the credit card and decrease the balance no which interest in accumulating.

It was very tempting to spend it all on fun things like a digital camera or duvet and duvet cover or many other things. But I really trying to get as much out of debt this year as I can. I'm already paying more than my minimum on my credit cards but I'm trying to increase that while at the same time working on two savings accounts (one long-term emergency type account, one short-term account for things that I wanty).

It's a balancing act and I've dropped a few balls here and there but it's progressing. Slowly but surely. With the bonus I've put almost $1500 down on debt in the last two months between student loans and credit cards. Yay me. But in the end it's really only about $1100 because I had put extra money on one of my credit cards so I could order my futon. It's still progress though. :)