Today sucks

I did not have a great day today. I work up at 3am feeling vaguely icky. Got back to sleep around 5. Alarm went off at 7. Raised my head to hit snooze and realized I had a headache. Hit the snooze button until 8 when I got up and hauled the laptop and work materials into the bedroom so I could work in bed propped up on some pillows. Around 9:30 I got up to get some water and some poptarts. Stared blankly at my work for a few hours attempting to move my head as little as possible. Around 1:30 moved to the living room. Took some Advil (why had I not taken any earlier??? Because I was pretty sure it wasn't going to help much). For the next hour moved my head as little as possible. Advil eventually took the worst of the edge off although not all. After work just numbly stared at the tv for an hour. Gave the cat a bath (she's been scratching a lot lately...I'm worried that fleas have come in through the window screen...). Around 8 made some french fries and the stupid fucking smoke detector went off even before the fries were out of the oven. See above - achey head + smoke detector = BAD. The smoke detector is now sitting on my desk with the battery out. It's lucky it was not smashed into itty pieces.

So what am I doing tonight??? I'm going to stay up a bit longer, take some more Advil and then run away to bed hoping that it's all gone tomorrow.