Canada Post Sucks

So, my mother sent me another package. This time we made extra, extra certain that it was signature required. Yesterday I took the day off to spend with a friend who is in from out of town.

I get home to find the package inside in front of my door with a note from my upstairs neighbours saying "Hey, I found this outside on the porch."

That's right. They left the package OUTSIDE ON THE PORCH.

I checked online and it said successfully delivered and that signature was not required. Ummm that's not what it says on the package.

So I called this morning and filed a complaint.

Apparently they CAN leave stuff on the porch if they think it's "safe". It's up to the driver. BUT they *cannot* leave signature required stuff on the porch. They are investigating and a supervisor will get back to me.

Sigh. I bet we can guess what happened to my Christmas package can't we?

(Oh and I sooooooo did not tell my mother it was left on the porch.)