I knew this was coming. A couple of days ago I posted about how owie my shoulder was. Well I've got a yucky headache now just like I thought I would. I'm sure the fact that the weather can't make up it's mind isn't helping either. And I'm sure that staying up until midnight last night reading didn't help either (although my head didn't hurt last night). Advil is dulling it but it's not taking it away. My original plan for tonight was to make something yummy to eat (hadn't decided what but I have fresh asparagus that needs to be used) and having a bubble bath and maybe a glass of wine.

But now I think that I'm going to end up curled up on the futon with either the tv on or a book in my hands and going to bed early. And I can sleep in because I'm not working tomorrow. Yay!

Oh darn, I just realized I forgot to turn on my out-of-office thingie. I must do that now before I forget.