The Girls

The Girls Lori LansensI stayed up too late finishing Lori Lansen's The Girls book. In part because it is due back at the library on Wednesday but I had to go the library today because I had books I had to pick up. And in part cause I just got sucked into it.

The girls is the story of two women in southern Ontario who are the world's oldest surviving craniopagus conjoined twins. The bulk of the book is written by Rose with some chapters written by Ruby. Despite the fact that they are conjoined they each manage to maintain very different interests and do different activities separate from one another (when you read the book you'll understand but I know that doesn't really make sense at the moment).

Despite the fact that I had heard several interviews with the author there were still a number of surprises in here for me. Including one big surprise that I'm really happy wasn't leaked.

I really don't want to say much else because I'm worried about ruining anything and I really think that you, my four readers, should read this book. It's not quite like anything I've ever read before.