The GG's

With Three-Day Road I've finished reading all the fiction books nominated for the GG's award (for you non-Canadians that would be the Governor General's Literary Awards).

The nominees were (the links take you to my posts about them):

The winner of the fiction award was A Perfect Night to go to China. I didn't love it. I'm not sure I got it. I wonder about a book that had to go through 17 drafts.

Of the five I like Three-Day Road and Alphabet the best. This is suprising to me because out of the five they were the two that I would probably be least likely to pick up on my own (although it's fair to mention I'd only have picked up the Gilmour book because it was the winner).

Ladykiller was my least favourite but as I've mentioned here, I'm really not a short story fan. And I still haven't really decided if I liked Nellcott Is My Darling but nonetheless it was cool to read a book set at my old university.

And with that I'm done with the GG's.