Ok, so those of you that know me really well know that I have a problem getting really into TV shows. There are few shows that I like enough to watch regularly. I hate being tied to the primetime TV schedule. There are a number of shows that I enjoy watching when I catch them, like Numb3rs, but I don't feel obligated to watch them every week.

It was basically down to two shows that I watched regularly. The West Wing, which I've watched since it started (reception-willing), and Bones, which I feel obligated to watch on some level but enjoy quite a bit on another.

But now another show has been added. I've become addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I first started watching it because I really like Sandra Oh. I quickly became hooked.

My only worry about Grey's Anatomy is that it is going to end up becoming like ER where no one is ever really happy (for more than a couple of episodes anyway). Really, the characters in that show have the *worst* private lives. I just can't handle watching it.

So yes, Grey's Anatomy has been added to my list of "must see" tv shows. And due to the wonder of time shifted channels I've already watched this week's episode and it's *good*.