Suck my left nut


7pm - leave to go to dance show - neighbours subwoofer is thumping over my head

10pm - return from dance show - neighbours subwoofer is thumping over my head

midnight - still thumping


12:30am - still thumping, attempt to go to bed

1:30am - still thumping and people yelling (relationship spat, third this week), still awake

2:00am - still thumping, no yelling, manage to finally fall asleep sometime after 2

9:00am - woken up by subwoofer thumping over my head

9:30am - go upstairs to complain about being woken up by thumping. Did not go over well. According to them, I ought to have complained last night.

But here's the thing - yes it was annoying as hell last night but they obviously had people over. Plus they had a fight. It was a Friday night, whatever. But at least have the decency to be fucking quiet the next morning. And if someone comes to your door in an attempt to politely complain about being woken up the morning AFTER you had a party the night before and kept them awake, have the fucking decency to tear your eyes away from the fucking tv and talk to them. And don't give them attitude. And when you do give them attitude be thankful that they didn't let loose on you and tell you to suck their left nut you inconsiderate pothead bastard loser.

Don't fuck with a bitchy monkey who was both kept awake and woken up by your fucking subwoofer. It will not bode well for you in the future. 'Cause you're a loser and she ain't. And you don't know bitchy until you've met a sleep-deprived bitchy monkey.