The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

secrethistorypinkcarnationLauren Willig's The Secret History of the Pink Carnation book was just plain fun. I had been looking forward to reading it since Cat first mentioned it on on her blog.

The main characters are fun. Present day Eloise slogging through the manuscripts. Amy in the past getting into trouble. Ok, Amy could be a wee bit irritating and I'm sure that in real life she'd annoy the heck out of me. But she was fun. Lord Richard was amusing. Jane - quiet and sweet (why are all the quiet and sweet characters in books name Jane?). Oh and the governess - hilarious! And Richard's sister Henrietta (Hen) and his friend Miles were amusing. As were Richard's parents. This book had a great supporting cast.

I highly recommend this one. As soon as I had finished it I added the second book, "The Masque of the Black Tulip" to my reserve list (look Denise - more tulips! lol).

If you are a history purist, the author does admit in the the "Historical Note" at the back of the book that she took a few liberties with people and dates and names. But if you are like me and pretty clueless on the history it's just a fun read.

This is what I want to know - when the heck does a Harvard law student and PhD candidate find the time to write and research a novel like this???