Three meals - aren’t you proud?

The truth is, I rarely eat three meals a day.  Quite frequently breakfast is skipped because I don't have time.  Or I eat it late and then end up skipping lunch (or is that I eat an early lunch...hmmmm).  Dinner generally happens all though some nights I tend to graze more than eat an actual meal. The whole grazing thing tends to happen more on weekends.

But today, today I had three actual meals.  Aren't you so very proud?

I had breakfast (toast with peanut butter and homemade jam).  I had lunch (carrot orange ginger soup and a few sliced of whole wheat baguette).  I had dinner (chicken and couscous - forgot to cook broccoli...oops).  Various drinks were consumed- mostly water, milk and coffee. I had an apple at some point too.

And I'm back on the water wagon again! I've been much better at the whole water thing lately. I keep hoping that if I remember to drink all my water daily I won't be quite so tired. So far it's not working.

The constant tiredness is starting to worry me.  I'm a bit worried that my iron levels have dropped because I haven't felt this tired since the last time I had low iron levels.  My main source of iron has always been red meat and it's not something i eat frequently anymore. Mostly because my grocery store's meat department sucks (no tournedos - what's up with *that*?) and I can never really decide what I want when I go to the butchers because everything looks really good...and very large.  And kinda pricey.

The last time I had low iron levels I got put on iron pills. I think I was supposed to be on them for more than a month. I took them for 9 days.  This is *very* unlike me.  But when I was on them I was constantly hungry and therefore constantly eating.  Just ask my mother.  She was astonished.  Our grocery billl doubled that week and ummm that wasn't something either of us could afford. I spent triple what I usually spent on food at school that week. Not to mention what I spent after school...let's just say that working in a fast food place when you are constantly hungry SUCKS.  Although the 50% discount was quite handy.

Weekends aren't even refreshing me. And I'm not doing a lot in them to tire me out because I don't have the energy to do much.  I'm going to see how I feel in a week or two and if I'm not feeling better it's off the doctor I go.  Blah.