On Being Fearless

BlogHer had a promotion for this book back in the fall and I got it as part of a giveaway at there several months ago. I just got around to reading it this week even though I put it on every TBR/From the Stacks/Challenge I could find. But hey, I finished this book before 2007 finished. Yay me.

I must confess that I didn't read every chapter of this book. I think for books like this it's important to pick the chapters that you think are applicable to you. I didn't read the parenting chapter because well, I'm not a parent and I have no plans to parent anyone other than my cheese addicted freak of a cat. And I paid attention to some chapters that I did read more than others. Why? Well...I guess because I don't think that one person can change or even think of changing things in all directions all at once. I'm not so good at living spherically and in all directions. I'm more of a compartmentalizer I suppose to an extent. But all the same, I believe I took away the spirit of the book, which I think is perhaps the important thing.

I also must confess that I'm a chicken-shit. Ok, not entirely true. When pushed I can have moxie. The key word there is being pushed. I'm far to apt to stay in a situation, be it a relationship, employment, what have you, well past the point where the shit has hit the fan. Things will suck but I can deal with them sucking but the suckiness is familiar. The idea of things not sucking is scary. I think it's mostly sucky because there always seems to be a period between the famliar suckiness and the point of things being good again where things are unfamiliarly sucky. And that's scary because it's unknown. It's like when you hate your job but you aren't "ready" to look for another one yet because you know there's a chance the that the new job could be worse, or even worse than that, you worry you might not be able to find another one or that people won't hire you to do what you really want to do. I've been there. Done that. And reached my breaking point. And good things happened after that. I moved to a new city. True there were some bad months in there (roomies from hell) but in the end I got a job I like (well...most days anyway, lol) and I got my own apartment and hey, I started a book blog too! ;)

Right then...who's still with me? Yeah, that's what I thought. So yeah, this book is kinda about all those times you didn't jump when you should have and how to start jumping when you know you need to. Living fearlessly isn't about living without fear. But acknowledging the fear and rising above it.

Yay! I finished one of my From the Stacks books. Only 4 more to go. lol