Thank you Rogers

Every now and then I'll get something in the mail from Rogers.  My internet, cable and home phone are all provided by Rogers (I had a bit of an erm...issue with Bell a few years ago). Roger's isn't always the best and I know some people who have had as many issues with them as I've had with Bell.  But luckily I've been doing well with Rogers.

Today in the mail I had a "holiday gift" waiting for me. I got a card and inside it was a code to use for either a free CD or a free 6 month subscription to a magazine. I already have a hard time reading the two magazines I subscribe to (although I'm still contemplating a subscription to Real Simple,which is not a Rogers publication, because I find it addicting) so I went the CD route.  I don't listen to CDs often but I won't turn down one for free.  After some searching I think I choose a pretty good deal. I picked Johnny Cash's When the Man Comes Around that includes a DVD.  I love his version of NIN's Hurt.  And hey, free dvd too! Good deal don't ya think?

And can I say, much, much better than the free ticket to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert that they offered in August, which I did not redeem.  Who knew that Hootie was still touring??? Aren't they among the things that should have died with the last millennium?