Enough already


They are driving me nuts. Actually there are making me think I'm nuts. There was the Mr. Darcy dream the night I finished Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time.  Then last night I had a dream that someone I knew became a crack addict and her husband didn't know and well that was just a mess. And in the same dream I was on some sort of swim team.  Now, I can swim.  And by swim I mean slowly and painfully make my way from one end of the pool to the other while keeping my head above water. But really, that's the best of my abilities. And I don't remember the last time I was in a pool.  Hmmm...I guess when I was home in PEI. Before that...umm...sometime in Montreal when I still had a gym membership.

Speaking of  gym memberships, I'm thinking about getting one. On the weekend I noticed that my local gym was having a sale and well, I've been meaning to get a membership for awhile (and I'm sure I mentioned it here) but I never do it because gyms are scary, intimidating places. Why? Cause I'm a klutz and uncoordinated. I've never been good at anything vaguely athletic.  And I'm horribly weak. I remember the last time that I went to the gym to get a routine made for me it had one of those computerized weight machine systems - the ones where you had a key with a microchip and just stuck it in the machine and it set everything for your routine. It was even tell you if you were going too fast, too slow, if you were overextending, etc. It simply rocked.  But yeah, when my trainer was setting everything up she had to significantly decrease my start weight for almost everything.  She did have to increase my ab and lower back weight. Yep, the only muscle I had in my body was in my abs (and even now that is sadly AWOL).  I'm such a fish out of water when it comes to exercise and weights and all that stuff.  Gyms intimidate me. And I really do my best to keep myself out of intimidating situations.  And it makes the gym and undesirable place to go.  What I'm *hoping* (ahahahahahaha), since I work from home, is to be able to arrange my schedule so that I can go to the gym during "quiet" times.

Sigh.  Maybe. We'll see.