Reflections on a Carol Service

{Internet is behaving again - yay!}

I started this post earlier this week but then I had issues etc.  I mentioned last week that I was going to a church service - a carol service - with my friends. As some of you know, I haven't been to church a church service aside from weddings (oh so many weddings) and funerals in about 20 years. Although I doubt that many of you know why.

My family wasn't exceptionally religious. My older brothers and sisters once upon a time, before I was born, went to church regularly and I do remember my sister and brother going to Bible camp. I was baptized when I was about 6 months or so. But we never went to Church regularly.  I did go to Sunday School for a short period but has a bad experience (and a post within itself) and stopped going.

It was a very different church than my church back home. It was very inclusive.  I liked that.  Although it was odd to be around so many gay men and not a one of them was Young Anthony. I missed him.

I'm not about to start going regularly (I like my Sunday morning routine of my computer, coffee and CBC Sunday Morning thank you very much) but it was nice to see that a church can really be inclusive.  And no one was being condemned to hell or any such things like the church that I went to as a child.

And it was nice to hear people sing together.  It seems there is always one man in the audience who has a wonderful booming voice.  I've also come to the conclusion that I pretty much know the first verse to just about every Christmas carol but little beyond that.  And what is it with Christmas carols that we must take a 2 syllable word and make it about 6 syllables? lol

I'm going to their Christmas Eve service tonight. I've never been to a Christmas Eve service.  All kinds of new and different things this year.