Party Princess and and Sweet Sixteen

party princessSince I had both of these out from the library I figured it made more sense to read them and blog about them together.

In Party Princess Mia, as President of the Student Government, finds out something a wee bit disasterous. The Student Government is broke and there are still three months left in the school year and they still have to pay for the Commencement location for the seniors. And the senior class president happens to have a black belt in something or other and no doubt would kick Mia's butt if she found out. What did they spend the money on? High-tech recycling containers that have their own crushers.

And of course Lilly has a plan to make the money. And as usual isn't the most wonderful of friends to Mia. And of course Grand-mere is doing something to try to ruin Mia's life. And Mia is being a spaz about Michael. Oh! Special appearance by The Guy Who Hates Corn.

sweet sixteen princessAnd then Sweet Sixteen Princess. Obviously Mia turns 16. And of course Grand-mere wants to have a huge party. And Mia doesn't want to. She doesn't want to have any party at all. It possibly does help that her supposed best friend Lilly ruined both her last birthday party and her Christmas.

The normal antics really.

Both of the books are following in the same vein of the previous ones. Although apparently Michael is running away to Japan for a whole year in the next one. Which would be interesting if I didn't have a pretty good idea what was going to happen. (I hate it when I predict things...especially when I'm probably right.)