Deception of the Emerald Ring

deception of the emerald ringFun. Fun. Fun.

I'm sure you've all noticed that I don't do a lot of historicals. I like them but they have me start thinking about MAs and going back to school because there's just so much to learn about that I don't know. It can be frustrating to think that I'll probably never have the time to learn about it all.

But I love Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation books.

I did wish with this one that I had the other books in my possession. I wanted to go back and look for references to characters. The side characters in one book are the main characters of another book. I get frustrated because I remember them but I really don't if you know what I mean? I remember them but I don't really remember anything about them (the story of my life, I'm telling ya). I think I'll keep my eye out for these books in second hand stores and on sales tables.

Right, this one. There's a failed elopement attempt, a women being compromised (rather to the pleasure of her mother...), a hasty wedding, a runaway groom, a runaway wife, rebellion in Ireland, a loathsome cousin and an interesting twist in regards to the Black Tulip (I love this twist). Intrigues, disguises, spies, and the errr recreational use of carriages. Oh and of course, more Eloise and Colin.