While the Internet gods are smiling on me

I shall post. I've had a really, really hard time getting to my blogs the last couple of days. My connection is working great for somethings, like gmail, but not so great for pretty much everything else. Sooooo frustrating.

I really don't have a whole lot to report at the moment. I have to upload pictures of my recent purchases soon. I may try to do that after I make my morning coffee although the way my connection has been lately I'm worried that it might just make me want to throw coffee at the wall.

I finished rereading Pride and Prejudice. And then promptly had a dream in which Mr. Darcy suddenly finds himself in the present. Needless to say he was shocked by our behaviour and thought us all very impertinent. And he got laughed at a lot, which didn't do much for his mood. (And in case you were wondering, in my dream Mr. Darcy was Colin Firth, not Matthew Macfadyen.)

Despite the fact that I haven't been working I haven't had oodles of time to read. I've been busy cleaning and cooking and being out of the house. Tommorow should mostly be a stay in day though I think.

And since I keep buying books (more on that after I upload the photos) and I've been buying books for months and being sent books by wonderful friends I'm having a really, really hard time deciding what to read. I think I'm going to stick with Christmasy things for the next few days.