Ballet Girls - The End

I'm really sad this is only three episodes and that tonight was the last one. Tonight was really good.

There were girls doing typical girl things - like picking on a girl. I felt bad for Katherine. I'm glad she got a new roommate. I hope the rest of her year went well (I'm assuming this was filmed last year). But I'm glad that they included it because a. it showed that the girls were still really girls and b. there is a catty side to dance as there is everywhere else and to not include it would have been a farce.

There was this one awesome moment where one of the girls they've following from her summer school audition to the Nutcracker - the teeny-tiny 10 yo that alternates between being very serious and being a little girl and whose name I cannot remember. She's standing in the wings in her costume, her part long since over (she was one of the party girls), completely alone among the black curtains. Then suddenly the Sugar Plum Fairy is beside her. She just looks up at her. And in the shot for one moment there's the Sugar Plum Fairy and the little girl. Then the Sugar Plum Fairy runs on to the stage and the girl is left standing there, looking after her in awe as she starts to dance. And you know that with every little bit of her being the little girl is dreaming of being the Sugar Plum Fairy.

I'm sorry this is over. I've enjoyed it so much. I've never taken a dance class in my life. Ok, that's not entirely true. I took a line dancing class once (I'm a little bit country ok, or at least I was in a past life). I keep saying I'm going to take a dance class but I never really get around to it (ok fine, I'm a totally chicken). I'm so uncoordinated it's not funny. But it's more than just the dance that made this good. These girls have a passion for dance. They love it in a way that some of us won't ever love anything.

I'd still really, really love to see a Ballet Boys though. In this episode we saw a lot more boys than the last ones. I really want to see something about them. I think most of us understand why girls want to be ballerinas. But most of the boys I know would rather be the next Wayne Gretzky than the next Baryshnikov.

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