ummm oops!

Went shopping today for me and only me. That's the kind of shopping I like!

But I accidentally went overboard.  Sorta.  You see I had monies to spend. That wasn't really an issue.  But I didn't really *mean* to spend $90 on books (after using a "bonus" card that ended up being worth $5 and a $10 gift card). For me.  And only me.  (More about that later on the book blog.)

And then I went to the kitchen store to buy bowls for French Onion Soup (I don't have any that can go in the oven). The bowls were $10. Somehow I ended up spending about $75 (after redeeming some points).  Oops. In addition to the bowls I also left with two picture frames, a mandolin and a folding reusable bag. I love the bag even though it has an unfortunate name - it's called the "Randy Bag". It folds into a little bag that fits nicely in your purse. I've been trying really hard to not use many plastic bags but you can't *always* plan.

Then on the subway I ran into someone I used to work with in Montreal. That was just funny.

It's been an odd day.  Now I have to go figure out if I have the hooks I need to hang my frames.