Year in Review

Denise posted hers after she saw it on Nickie's blog and now I'm running with it.

January: (on Resolutions) I was going to post these yesterday but I didn’t feel like it.

February: I was sooooooooo born to lounge around in silk pajamas.

March: I just read this NBC press release about the West Wing.

April: Friday night I actually went out.

May: Early in the day on Saturday I made an unexpected trip to La Vie en Rose.

June: There are many advantages to working from home.

July: I originally posted my student loan debt load at the beginning of January.

August: I have trouble working to music when the music has words.

September: Does someone please want to make my headache go away?

October: Nova Scotia is trying to get its public servant to take a full hour lunch.

November: Well I went to bed at 9:30 last night with a headache.

December: I have a somewhat irrational fear of meningitis.

Yep. It's been confirmed by my own words. I'm a very boring individual. And I seem to have a lot of headaches.