Between, Georgia

between georgiaI first heard of Between, Georgia back in the summer when Mir of Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda posted about it on BlogHer. I promptly added Jackson's first book to my request list and read it August.

Like gods in Alabama (small g on purpose) Between, Georgia deals with family conflict. Nonny Frett toes the line between two families, the Fretts and the Crabtrees. She belongs to one by blood and the other by life, love and legalities And the two families loathe each other. It started before her but her very existance increased the hostility ten-fold. And then one weekend, one set of events sets things in motion in such a way that they may never be the same cumulating with one explosive event from which they may not recover.

There is one thing I found vaguely irritating about the book. The family history is released bit by bit, often in the middle of conversations. Someone will speak and before the other person responds there will be a page or two of backstory. I believe I recall this in gods of Alabama as well. It's not necessarily a bad thing, I just found it distracting and it made me hard to immerse myself in it and found myself setting it aside frequently (although I picked it back up just as frequently).

But Jackson does families well. She gets to the heart of conflict but still lets the love shine through. She especially does matriarchs very well. I'm kinda glad I'm not southern...southern matriachs I think would scare the pants off me. ;) Great characters - I liked Stacia (aka Mama). She's a very forceful presence. I could picture all of the characters quite well in my head which is rare for me (I'm really bad at visuals).

I think that those of you who read and enjoyed gods in Alabama will enjoy this second effort by Jackson. But if you didn't like gods I'm not sure you'd enjoy this one.

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