I more or less have the next two weeks off work, with the exception of Tuesday afternoon.  I plan to do a lot of reading. Actually I planned to read most of the day today but I've got a very achey head and only seem to be able to read a few pages without stopping for a bit.  But I figure that over the next two weeks I can make a decent dent in things. My plan is to read all the books that I currently have out from the library.  And to read at least one on my From the Stacks list.  And to read some of the books that my friends have sent me lately and that I've not yet blogged about.  Well that's not entirely true. I did blog about the children's book I was gifted at BlogHer.  It's called Mommy Has a Tattoo.  I will be re-gifting it to a kid I know soon, who has two mommies that have tattoos. :)

I also plan to blog a lot.  I'm a bit behind in my BlogHer blogging. When I'm working a lot of hours it's hard to blog about blogs or books when I have time to read neither.

Not all of my plans involve books. I'm going to be celebrating Discardia too so I'll be making a few trips to Goodwill.  I wonder if I'll be able to stay away from their book section? The last time I went there to drop things off I ended up leaving with three books (all which I've read before but was happy to purchase them for $.99 each), an old version of Trivial Pursuit and a set of Trivial Pursuit Canadian edition question cards (hint - when in doubt choose MacKenzie-King, Borden or Diefenbaker if it has anything to do with a Prime Mininster...).  I was tempted to buy the Baby-Boomers edition too but seeing as I already own one version...4 seemed like overkill no??? (But when they $2-3.50 each it was really hard to say no...).  But it's a good time of the year to celebrate Discardia. Will all of us bringing in things into the house over the holiday what better time to loosen the load by getting rid of some things that don't really matter to us anymore but still could be useful to someone else?

I'll also be cooking.  I making meatballs this weekend.  I'm planning to have an untraditional Christmas dinner for one of Spaghetti alla Carbonara.  At some point I think I may make a big batch of pasta sauce.  And possibly bake bread.  I'm cooking dinner for a friend next week.  I promised him some of my yummy French Onion Soup (don't have a link for that one).  I also promised him cookies and I'm almost out so I guess I should probably bake more.

I'm looking forward to making dinner.  If all goes well I plan to get up fairly early, go downtown, sit in Starbucks and read for several hours and then shop at the St. Lawrence Market for the necessities and then come home and cook.   Ohh that sounds food.  And since it will be during the week I shouldn't have to deal with hoardes of stressed out people (I hope...).

But I'm really looking forward to reading again.  I've missed my books.