I finished a book! Bloodsucking Fiends

Finally! It feels like it's been so very long.

bloodsucking fiendsI swear I thought that I had read Bloodsucking Fiends. But when I heard about You Suck being released soon I thought about it and couldn't remember a darned thing about it. So I got it from the library and guess what? I hadn't read it. Oops!

But now I have.

It took me a bit longer than normal to read this one. Mostly due to work. I was picking at it here and then while I was working. It was a nice distraction while I was waiting 1.5 hours for a document to PDf (the more you do on your computer the longer it takes for it to PDF...). And well...vampires are a rather nice distraction from work. Jody gets made into a vampire and she's not really sure why. But she somehow manages to shrug it off and make it work. Part of making it work is Tommy. Tommy is basically fresh off the turnip truck. He's in San Francisco for barely a week when he meets Jody and is off on a merry adventure.

While this didn't make me snigger quite as much as other Christopher Moore books did there were a few things that still make me snicker.
"Tommy got off the bus at a coffeehouse near Chinatown where he had seen guys in berets scribbling in notebooks and smoking French cigarettes. If you were looking for a place to sit and stare into the abyss for awhile, always look for guys in berets smoking French cigarettes. They were like road signs: "Existential Crisis, Next Right."

You know...I don't know that I've ever actually seen a guy wearing a beret. Seriously. Not even at a costume party. I've seen women wearing them but I don't think I've ever seen a man wear a beret. I shall now be on the lookout for men in berets although I suspect that they may not be easy to find. Actually...I think I may have once own a beret. What can I say? I was a weird kid. Everyone else wanted parkas and snowpants and I wanted a three-quarter length wool coat. And you know, I don't own a parka. But I do own a gorgeous knee-length cream coloured wool coat. It makes me feel very Audrey Hepburn.

Right, I was talking about a book wasn't I? One of my favourite things about this book is that the Emperor was in it. He's one of my favourite characters in Moore books.

Maybe some year I'll strike it lucky and Moore will attend the International Festival of Authors. He's definitely an author I'd like to meet.

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