Do you ever get the feeling that people think you are a freak? Or at the very least a very weird person?

This is me after deadline (and shut up...this was the *good* picture).

Ok, the quality sucks. I took it with my webcam because I'm tired and lazy I can't be bothered to look for the digital camera. The graininess probably works in my favour.

Anyway, I had a point. Ok, maybe not a point. But I was rambling in a general direction.

Do you ever think that people think you are weird?

You see that picture? Right. So it shouldn't surprise any of you that the absolute last thing I wanted to deal with tonight was dinner. So I went to the ye local diner. I was actually quite happy to be going because I usually only go there for breakfast but I had heard that they have awesome burgers.

First of seems to throw them when I go there, which isn't often, because I go alone. It seems that they only people who go there alone are old men. Get over it people. Yes, I'm a woman and yes I eat alone. Deal.

So I go in wearing knee length cream wool coat. And then when I take it off I'm wearing a bright green Care-Bears shirt. I happen to think it's quite cute. You can see some of it in the picture. Apparently this comes off as odd if I'm a reader of looks from other tables and I tend to think of myself as decently well versed in people-watching. .

Then I ordered a burgers, fries and a beer. Yes, some days I order like a guy. I didn't plan to order a beer but when I saw it on the menu I decided that it was the perfect choice. Mmmmm beer. (They brought me the right brand, wrong type but I didn't notice until it was half gone...oh well.) Then when they brought the beer I ignored the glass and drank it out the bottle. I could feel the waves of disapproval waifing off the older ladies surrounding me. Hello! The bottle *is* glass. Why would I pour it into another glass vessel???

The ladies also did not seem to approval of my reading material. Something about the title Bloodsucking Fiends seemed to offend them. Or maybe that was just my general presence.

Food came and I'm sorry to say I was disappointed. The burger really wasn't all it was hyped up to be. And I think they need to change the fat in their fryer. The fries tasted kinda funny. But the beer (straight from the bottle!) washed them down well.

Then I think I confused the servers because I left half my burger, half my fries and proceeded to ask them what kind of pie they had. (Actually by this point they already thought I was weird due to all of the above plus when they asked me how everything was I had a mouth full of coleslaw so I gave them a thumbs up...) I ordered me some coconut cream pie and proceeded to DIVE into it the second it came. Funny...I really didn't think I was that all hungry after the half burger and fries. But apparently I really wanted pie. Sadly the pie was also disappointing. It wasn't homemade at all. Hmph. It had no real flavour. Boo. But I still inhaled it.

I left full and content although very sleepy. I was tired when I went in and the beer had me contemplating taking a nap there or coming home and going directly to bed. I'm going to try to hold off at least until 8pm.'s barely after 6 and I'm fighting to stay awake.

And I gave some ladies something to talk about on their way home.