Random thoughts

  • Dude, I'm TIRED.

  • Showering can make me feel almost human. Clean clothes and actually blow drying my hair help with the charade.

  • It's a very sad state of affairs when I'm heating the Zoodles, which I bought when I had my wisdom teeth removed and could only eat soft food and didn't even eat them THEN, for lunch.

  • I miss my bed. Bed is good.

  • Another sign that something is off in Sassymonkey-land. I've been baking. And I've actually been eating cookies. In fact, I had a cookie for breakfast.

  • I miss books. I haven't read a book in almost TWO WEEKS.

  • Brain is tired. So very tired.

  • I got my first Christmas card today. Yay!

  • I got my first Christmas gify yesterday. Yay! (No, I did not open it).

  • People have started to receive their Christmas cards from me. Yay!

  • I still need to mail Christmas package.Phooey.

  • My cat is amusing. She has decided that my under-the-desk-storage-thingies are Suspicious Objects and must be observed and sniffed very warily. And if I happen to move them while she's close to them she jumps back and up simultaneously. Not that I'd do that. Repeatedly.

  • Jony rocks! :) He gave me my very own domain for Christmas. Of course, I still can't see my blog when I'm logged into work but that's a minor detail and I think we just need to wait it out because he couldn't see it on his work server last night but can now. It'll happen. Right??? I can see it! I can see it! I can see it!

Edit: I'm playing with the theme now.