Faking the Joy 2006: Part One

The Charlie Brown Christmas Edition


Oh that feels good. I haven't done enough of that this year.

Right, back to faking the joy. Today I spent the better part of the day addressing Christmas cards and applying stickers (I'm stuck at work until I get some approvals and then I will be drowning in work again). I even played fucking Christmas carols. Then I actually MAILED Christmas cards. Yes, some of you are reeling. I MAILED CHRISTMAS CARDS. It's nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Then I went to the dollarstore. And I bought this.

GADZOOKS! It's a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

Christmas bells...although not silver.

Bells, bells, bells.

And now with a fugly star!

Tree = $1. Bells = $1x4 boxes. Fugly star = $1. Total cost of the Faking the Joy 2006 Charlie Brown Christmas tree = $6.

And then, because my joy faking should not be limited to my apartment, I decorated my door.

Door decoration = $1. Proving to your neighbours you may not be the anti-Christ? Priceless.

Stay tuned for more Faking the Joy 2006!

Upcoming: The Cookie Edition! The I have an ugly reindeer antler headband edition! The token straight friend (and favourite auntie [well...one of them]) edition!

If you are really lucky I may post "Sassymonkey Goes to Christmas Eve Service" Edition! (Note: I will not cause lightning to strike because it's actually not in a church.)

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