Pretty shoes!

A little over a week ago my friend Lav came over and studied as I worked.  It was supposed to be a quiet day however I ended up being on the phone a lot (she got to hear me tell people what to do...very amusing for her I'm sure as she doesn't often get to see my bossy, know-it-all side).  We ended up going for a rather late lunch (a vegetarian Indian buffet - soooo yummy). And then we dipped into a shop because she wanted to look at some sari material for a project she has in mind. We went downstairs in the shop and discovered SHOES!!!! Lots of pretty shoes.  There were heels and flats and sandals and all kinds of fun shoes. I will definitely be shopping there for next summer's shoes. They had some seriously pretty shoes but really, why do I need a pair of $70 silvery sparkley heels? I don't.

But then I noticed what was on the other wall - shelves of "last in size, 50% off" shoes.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shoes on SALE!!!!!!!!!!  The $70 silvery sparkley shoes became $35 silverly sparkley shoes.  And they were adopted.

Now the only question is where the heck am I going to wear them???

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