I am a lump right now. I'm really tired. I slept for about 10 hours last night but I'm still catching up on sleep. And my brain is mush. I didn't even read today! I know! It's so very shocking.  My brain can't handle words yet. It just wants sleeeeep.

Unfortunately the people on the top floor are having a party. I knew they were having one because they invited me on ummm...Thursday I guess.  I appreciated the warning and the invite although I have absolutely no plan to go.  I'm tired.  And tired.

But the tired is probably good because I think I'll probably be able to fall asleep through the party noises.

And hey, unlike the evil vile neighbours they don't have a subwoofer. ;)

Oh! When I went to the grocery store today there were firemen! No. There wasn't a fire. They were shopping.

Home for the Holidays was just on tv. It made me think of Young Anthony.