Holiday baking?

I think I need to do a bit of holiday baking. There are few people I'd like to give small items to - my neighbours (the ones that live in the house), my landlord if he happens to be around, the librarians at my local library (I love them to bits). Maybe the staff/owners of the little Indian take-out place across from the library that I go to all the time (they already think I'm nuts, I might as well give them cookies too right?).

So what do I bake?

I'm not a bit baking person aside from biscuits and bread. Mmmm bread.

I'm thinking cookies...but do I go with standard sugar cookies? Or gingerbread men? Or perhaps biscotti?

Or should I see what I can do to bribe Skeet to give me her Spiced Pecans recipe?

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

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