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The voting is open for the Weblog Awards. BlogHer has been nominated for Best Online Community. Yay BlogHer! I feel so very lucky that I am associated with such a talented group of women. If you haven't checked out BlogHer please do. There's really something there for everyone.

But I do have one itty bitty thorn in my side about the Weblog Awards. There isn't a category for book/lit-blogs. Shocking! And you know what else - no food blogs either!!! Or craft blogs!!!

In this post at BlogHer, Lisa Stone pointed out to this comment about categories on the Weblog Awards forums about why there were no nature or environmental blogs. This is an excerpt from the reply:
Obviously the call for categories is long since closed, but it will go on the list to be considered for 2007. The real question is whether there are 10-15 top quality blogs focused solely on nature or the environment.

I think that if we banded together we could name well more than 10-15 quality blogs focused on books and literature don't you?

I'll start with posting one two and invite you to add to the list in the comments with a link and I'll update as needed.

Note: Work sucks. Updating will be sporadic.

So here we go:

  1. Bookninja

  2. Blog of a Bookslut

  3. Tales from the Reading Room (Cam)

  4. Kate's Book Blog (Cam)

  5. Of Books and Bicycles (Cam)

  6. BlogLily (Cam)

  7. 50 Books (kathyp)

  8. Framed and Booked (booklogged)

  9. Lotus Reads (booklogged)

  10. Conversational Reading (fausti)

  11. Reading Matters (fausti)

  12. Bookshelves of Doom (fausti)

  13. Cam's Commentary (bloglily)

  14. So Many Books (Stefanie)

  15. Hobgoblin of Little Minds (Stefanie)

  16. A Work in Progress (LK)

  17. Stainless Steel Droppings (Nessie)

  18. Naked Without Books (Nessie)

Who's next???

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