This scares me

Health alert issued for hundreds after man dies of meningitis

I have a somewhat irrational fear of meningitis. You see, when I was in junior high there was an outbreak in my community. Someone that I knew died. It's was a friend of my best friend's family (well, best friend at the time...we drifted a few years later). They had all hung out together and everything was fine and then two days later he was dead. He was young. Probably less than 10 years older than I am now. He was a nice. Involved in the community. And I remember thinking that he was "a fun adult". And then he was gone. And her family was left taking huge horse pill as some sort of extra protection.

And the whole community (read entire Island) was immediately vaccinated. We all lined up in school and got our shots. And then proceeded to practically pass out our on desks. That vaccine knocked me on my butt. I was too out of it to even bother reading a novel in class when our teachers stopped trying to teach for the day so you know I was not feeling well.

I really have no reason to be scared about this. I wasn't at that club. I don't anyone that was. I haven't shared any liquids, food, etc with anyone. But there is still that fear in me because I know how fast it can take someone that was the picture of health a few days earlier.

On a lighter note...I was listening to the radio this morning and apparently someone was giving out condoms at the Liberal Leadership Convention because apparently a lot of sex happens at these things. I had heard from a friend of mine that used to be in the Young Liberals that a lot of hook-ups happen there. But I still find it vaguely amusing. Only the Liberals. ;)