Money book for the young, fabulous and broke

I can't find a good picture of the cover. I'm sure you guys can live without it. You all know what Suze Orman looks like anyway right?

I have to say, Orman's Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke falls short of fabulous in my opinion. Not that there's not good advice in it. There is.  But I've heard a lot of it before.  Not a whole that there that was "new".

The one thing that I like was that she was very clear about getting out of credit card debt before starting a savings account *if* your credit card interest rate is way more than an interest rate with your savings.  Good advice.  A lot of personal finance books tell you do a, b, and c but don't really give you a strategy for doing them.  I mean, everyone knows that they need to pay of their credit cards and they need to save for retirement and they need to have an emergency savings account.  But no one ever tells you how you are supposed to do everything at once.  And the answer're probably not.

And yes, I'm sure part of the reason why the book didn't appeal to me was all the 401K and Roth IRA stuff that is more or less useless to me. But even if all that content had been replaced with stuff about RRSPs etc I still think it would have fallen flat. I've read other American personal finance books before that have appealed to me more.  This won't be going on my recommendations list.

The readers clearly don't agree with me as they gave it 5 stars but I think the Chapters/Indigo people do since they only gave it two maple leafs (and if anyone wants to give me grief about leafs vs leaves take it up with the NHL 'kay?)