I've been so very negligent of this blog....even by my standards. I didn't *mean* to be...

See this is what happened (or at least what my excuse is....):

Near the end of September I had my wisdom teeth out.  It took a couple of weeks to get to the point where I could really eat again.  I quickly cooked Thanksgiving dinner, made a tomato-based pancetta pasta sauce, and threw together the soup mentioned in the post below.

Then I got sick.  The weekend after Thanksgiving I got sick.  A week later I went to the doctor.  The doctor put me on antibiotics which left a horrible *nasty* taste in my mouth all the time.  Not exactly appetite enhancing if you know what I mean. I was on them for almost two weeks.

And then I started to feel better but was still tired all the time.  I'm still tired but I think I'm back to normal lazy tired.  And in some part, not feeding myself real well tired.

I cannot get excited about food. At all.  I've looked at cookbooks. I've played online.  I went to one of my favourite places ever - the St. Lawrence Market.  I'm just not feeling it.  Food isn't at all exciting. It doesn't taste great.

Sure there are some recipes that look good. Too bad I don't feel like making them.

I'm in a foodie funk.

And I don't know how to boot myself out of it.