It's Giller Day!

The Giller Prize will be announced tonight.

If I'm awake tonight I might watch...but mostly to see Justin Trudeau. ;)

But the story on the news this morning, which I am unable to find online, is about DeNiro's Game by Rawi Hage. Supposedly the book it littered with grammatical and spelling errors. The ones I've heard referenced on the news are things like childrens' instead of children's, and lead instead of led. Someone from Anansi Press said that they fixed the errors in the second edition but CBC News being CBC News said they checked the second edition and the errors are still there... DeNiro's Game is nominated for both the Giller and the GG. How does something littered with errors get nominated for not one, but two, major Canadian literary awards?

But it you read this article you'll see that grammatical errors have been raised as an issue with some of the other books as well.

I'm a bit concerned about reading DeNiro's Game now though...I have this thing where when I notice these errors (and I'll honest, I'm not the sharpest person when it comes to such things) but I always have the urge to circle or underline the errors in the book. But it's a library book which I don't write in (except in exceptional circumstances). This book is going to drive me nuts when I get it...

And just as a side note...I really wish that the GGs hadn't nominated two collections of short stories. I'm so not in the mood to read one collection of short stories, let alone two.
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