As you know, I got new Ikea stuff. Which means that my old desk had to go bye-bye. The redhead helped me take it to the curb on Friday.  I stuck a free sign on it, crossed my fingers and hoped that someone would take it away.

Everytime I've opened the door it's been sitting there staring back at me.  Sometimes I would forget it was there and would open the door to see it only to think "Well, damn!"

But when I opened the door today it was gone. Yay!!!

That desk served me well for a long time.  It was a Christmas present from my mother in my very first all on my own apartment (the one where she cleaned the oven for me...) so it would have been about 1999 or 2000...  It's been shuffled around to at least a half a dozen apartments in two different cities.  It was a good little desk.

Thank you to whoever took it away.  I really didn't want to have to call the city to trash it. (Charities seem to take about a month to pick things up here...)