I am not Suzy Homemaker

I never have been and I never will be.  I live surrounded in clutter.  I can deal with it even though there are days where it drivers me crazy.

But there are certain household tasks that I avoid at all costs.  The top of the list being  cleaning the stupid oven. I HATE cleaning ovens in a way that is parallel to no other task.  I hate oven cleaner.  Even the no fume stuff bothers me.  It makes me feel as though I am choking on air.

But I cannot put if off any longer.  My oven needs to be cleaned. The last two times I've used it the oven has smoked. That's generally not a good sign.  Especially when one is itching to bake bread or rolls. But before I do either I really must clean the oven.  It *looks* ok but there is clearly something in there that is aggravating it. And there is no one here that I can con into doing it.

Back in the day when I lived with the evil ex I made him clean the oven. And then after he moved out (oh what a joyful, joyful day...to bad he didn't move out of the damned building!) it was not cleaned until a year later when my mother came to visit. Yes, even when I was 22 my mother cleaned my oven.  She also cleaned the oven in my very first all on my own apartment.  In my very first apartment I had roomies and they cleaned the oven.  When I moved to Toronto and lived with the roommates from hell I *had* to clean the oven and the burners. Why? Cause I was making pasta one night and the damned burner caught fire because there was that much crap built up on it. (I'm sooooo happy I don't live with them any more...).

And now I must drag myself to the grocery store and buy everything I need in order to make my stove sparkle, inside and out.  Today is going to be So. Much. Fun.