Peter Pan

I have never read Peter Pan. I kind of wonder how many people have and how many people like me grew up with the Disney version. I was never very fond of the Disney version and it didn't inspire me to ever want to read it (although it must be said that I don't loath it the way I loath Pinocchio). I did like Tinker Bell - how could you not? I think I only started to even think about about reading it after watching Finding Neverland (Johnny Depp will do that to a girl). But of course I forgot about it and it's only with the release of Peter Pan in Scarlet that the thought appeared again.

I'm not not a huge fan of Peter. But I still like Tinker Bell. Actually I think I liked the "real", ie un-Disneyfied version, much better. There's just something about a fairy who is always saying "You ass!" that appeals to me.

Something that this particular version has to offer is a collection of illustrations from multiple different artists. However it apparently is missing a portion of text in which Mr. and Mrs. Darling discuss whether or not they can afford to keep their children. I'm curious as to why this was omitted.

If you have wee ones it might be a good time to think about picking this up as Children's Book Week is just around the corner - November 13-19.