Ohh purty

I am a sucker for pretty things. Especially if it's something I technically need. And if it's something that screams "ME! ME! ME!"

This is what screamed at me today.

I've needed a new wallet for awhile.  Scratch that. I've need a WALLET for awhile. I've been using a metal ID case as a wallet for the longest time. It's very pretty but not so great as a regular everyday thingy. Part of my problem is that I hate most wallets. They are so boring.

But I like this one. It's green.  And it's THIS green. I also have a scarf and hat in the same colour. It's very much a Sassymonkey green.

I just wish that things that screamed SASSYMONKEY!!! BUY ME!!! were cheaper (FYI...I paid more of the wallet than the advertised price...partly because I paid in Canuck bucks and partly because I bought it at a department store).

But it will last me for a few years right????