Short takes (2 posts in 1!)

defining dulcieI expected more from Defining Dulcie.

I liked Dulcie. I thought she was a pretty good character. But she wasn't fleshed out enough. None of the characters were really. I felt like I just barely scratched the surface of any of them.

Dulcie's dad dies. And then her mother decides to pick up and move to California. After they get there she decides she's going to sell Dulcie's father's truck and that put Dulcie over the top. She steals the truck and drives back to Conneticut to stay with her grandfather and to go back to her job as a janitor at the local school. When she gets there she discovers that there's another girl working there, a girl whose home life is not quite ideal.

I think the book was quite simply too short. It's under 200 pages and I don't think that was quite long enough to deal with everything in the book - driving across country by herself, everything with her mother, Roxanne's mother, Dulcie's grandfather. I think if it had been longer and more fleshed out and we had really gotten to know who these characters really were it could have been a really good book. But since it wasn't, it's merely ok.

the book boySpeaking of short books... The Book Boy by Joanna Trollope was really short. When I saw it on the list of new books at the library and read the description I missed the part of where it mentioned it was a "quick read".

It's a tiny book. I felt like I was reading a kid's book. It's only 96 pages (!!!!) and that's with large print. I need to start paying attention to what I'm reserving...

The main character, Alice, can't read. Her husband is a bit of bully. And her kids don't respect her. Her son Craig begins bringing home an "scary" boy named Scott. Alice is scared of Scott but soon decides that he's going to be the person to teach her how to read.

It was predictable (not a lot of room for plot twists in 96 pages). It wasn't bad but it wasn't really good either. And it didn't even last me one full round trip public transit ride to my friend's place. And that was irritating.