Cybils Nominations

I was responding to Denise's post about the Cybils nominations at Fast Times at Homeschool High when my comment was getting ridiculously long so I moved it here. I am really only looking at the YA nominations.

Denise asked, " Who should win? Who will win? Which book(s) on these lists would you NEVER recommend to anyone?"

Looking at the YA category I've read a number of them. I *loved* A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl but I'd probably put an advisory on it (it's sooooo gonna be a challenged book at some point). I know that a lot of younger readers will read from this list and the topics in this are a bit more mature. I think it's a good middle school read (but I'm thinking of Canadian "junior high" which is grades 7-9).

As much as it pains me to say I would not recommend Meg Cabot's How to be Popular and you know I love Meg Cabot. This particular book just felt flat to me.

I've also read:
Born to Rock
A Brief Chapter in my Impossible Life
Just Listen
(love it but could be triggery)
Nothing but the Truth (and a few white lies)

On my TBR list:
An Abundance of Katherines
The Astonishing life of Octavian Nothing
Between Mom and Jo
The Book Thief
Dairy Queen
Hattie Big Sky
King Dork
Loving Will Shakespeare

I think the strongest contenders of the books I've read are A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl and Just Listen.

But I also think that the strongest contenders overall are all on my TBR list - An Abundance of Katherines, The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, The Book Thief and King Dork. While I don't think it will win, possibly due to less exposure, I really want to read Between Mom and Jo because it's a storyline I haven't exactly read before. Similar to others but at the same time different.

YA authors continue to surprise me with where they will go and how they go there. So many of them deal with serious issues but escape being depressing. They don't take the flowers and butterflies route - they get down and gritty and sometimes punch you in the gut. But somehow they leave me happy that I read them.