October 1970

Canadians know this date. I doubt that the Americans that I know read this know what is significant about October 1970. It was quite an exciting time. Revolutionaries (today they would be called terrorists). Kidnapping. Murder. Martial Law. Like I said, exciting times! It's also known as Black October and you can click here to learn about more about it. And hey, Cuba plays a role too. As I said, exciting times.

And the CBC has played into those times and does what CBC does with such things - it makes a mini-series, aptly called - are you ready for it??? October 1970. How innovative!!! Although instead of running this one over two or four nights it's been running for a number of weeks. Of course, it started in October. I discovered it a couple of episodes in. And then I forgot it was on. And then I forgot to watch it a couple of times. I didn't mean to but you know it's on right after Grey's Anatomy and between McSteamy and McDreamy and McVet! Whew! Some times I was just tired!

The real reason I started watching this was because I noticed R.H. Thomson was in it. The non-Canadians may recognize him as Jasper Dale from Road to Avonlea. The Canadians will recognize him from almost every historical mini-series the CBC has produced (ok, so that's an exaggeration...but barely). I like him though and when I see him in something I generally stop to watch. Then I noticed this chick - Karine Vanasse. I'm sure I've never seen her in anything (at least not according to IMDB) but she looked really familiar to me. I'm just going to assume that I saw her face plastered on billboards or in the subway or something when I lived in Montreal. And then there were a bunch more faces I recognized and I'm going to chalk up to French tv (not that I ever watched it...) and billboards and stuff.

And then there's all the young FLQ guys with their long shaggy hair and beards. Every time I see them I go "Hey! It's Sam Roberts!"

So if you are Canadian and wanna watch? Just flip through the channels looking for either Jasper Dale or Sam Roberts.