I'm weird

I'm weird.

Yeah, I know most of you know that already but I may be weird in a way you didn't know.

I've noticed something over the last few months. While I predominately read fiction, I predominantly buy non-fiction.

How weird is that?

While it's true that most of my purchases last month were fiction I did have some non-fiction littered among my IFOA books as well. And yesterday I went to Indigo and left with three non-fiction books and one fiction.

Wait a sec...I bought FOUR books yesterday? Sheesh. In my mind I only remember the three non-fiction books... Oops!
lady susan jane austenFiction = Lady Susan by Jane Austen. I really didn't plan on buying this. Ha! That's a laugh. I told myself I was going to buy one book...I left with four. Anyway, I couldn't help myself. It was a Hesperus Press edition and they are rare. And purty! Look over there - isn't it purty? I also have the Lesley Castle one. They are like a set! I couldn't leave it there could I? Not when I had Lesley Castle here all alone and lonely? And I should be commended for not buying the hardcover version of Persuasion. Cause I kinda really want it.

Non-fiction = I made the mistake of wandering into the history section. And I'm tempted to blame Kailana and her November challenge for part of this but I won't. It's tempting though as you will see. I bought Sophie & The White Rose by Annette Dumbach and Jud Newborn. I wrote a paper on the underground resistance in Europe during WWII at one point and I read quite a bit about the White Rose and Sophie Scholl. Plus I just added Sophie Scholl: The Final Days to my dvd rental list. See??? Makes perfect sense.

While I was also in the military history section I found The Mystery of Olda Chekhova by Antony Beevor. I hadn't heard of this before but I read the back - spies! A woman spy! A woman spy who may have been the niece of Anton Chekhov! Sign me up!

Ok, in all honesty I really didn't think I was going to leave with these two non-fiction books. So I sat down in a chair and read the first page of each. Didn't help. Wanted them both. So I said screw it and bought them both.

The final book I bought I grabbed from the bargain table for the low, low price of $4.99. Who can say no to that? Especially when it's about a Canadian woman explorer! Heart so Hungry: the extraordinary expedition of Mina Hubbard into the Labrador wilderness by Randall Silvis is the story of Mina Hubbard obviously. Hubbard was the wife Leonidas Hubbard. Leonidas dies, supposedly of starvation, on an expedition in Labrador and his partner begins to say it was because of Leonidas' incompetence. She demands that Wallace, the partner, clear her husband's name. He refuses. AND he announces that he's going to complete the original route. Mina was having none of that. She forms her own expedition crew and is determined to beat Wallace to the finish line. I like Mina already. And I got all that out of one paragraph in the overleaf. And did I mention that it was pretty much at the turn of the 20th century? And she does all of this in a DRESS?

So back to me being weird...

I find I'm more willing to take a chance on purchasing a non-fiction book than a fiction one. It's really kinda weird. I generally prefer to read fiction. But I prefer to own non-fiction when I do read it. But with most fiction I don't really care if I own it or not (please note the "most" - there are some books I just simple MUST own).

But seriously - how weird is that?