If I worked in an office today I'd have bummed a cigarette and smoked it giving myself a horrid case of the shakes and likely made myself ill as I officially quit 3 years ago.

If I worked around people I likely would have snapped at someone who didn't deserve it because I have no one to officially throw all my frustrations at as things right now are the fault of everyone and no one.

I if worked in an office I like would have gone out at lunch and done one of two things: had a liquid lunch or blown a bunch of money on "retail therapy".

If I didn't think it would totally freak out the neighbours I'd go outside and yell at the top of lungs but it would freak out my neighbours and they'd probably call the cops.

If I had a punching bag I'd probably have pounded the shit out of it.

But those are ifs.

I'm settling for blaring the blues and sitting along loudly in my off-key glory which is probably driving my neighbour insane but right this moment I DON'T CARE.