Princess Academy

princess academy shannon halePrincess Academy was cute.

In some ways it's a very traditional tale but it also has a spark of magic going through it. I suppose it is kind of a fairytale.

Waayyyyy up in the mountain there's a quarry. And around this quarry is a little town, Mount Eskel (ok it's the name of the mountain too). And everyone in the town works at the quarry. That is everyone except for Miri. She really wants to be allowed to work at the quarry but her father won't allow it.

Then one day a royal messanger comes to the town and says that the next princess will be chosen from the young ladies of the town. In order to prepare themselves to be the next Princess the monarchy establishes a Princess Academy outside the town.

At first Miri doesn't want to go. All she wants to do is stay at home with her father and sister. Her sister is just a few months too old to attend the academy. And there's also this thing where the people of Mount Eskel don't trust lowlanders because they lowlanders treat them like dirt.

But once Miri gets to the Academy she discovers there are thing that she likes about it. She discovers something else too. And that something else may be needed to save them all...

I liked Miri. Ok, sometimes she was a bit annoying but just as she's starting to get on my nerves for being so darned good she sasses someone and makes me like her again. I like a girl with sass.

Supposed for kids in grades 5-9 but hey, I liked it.

(I haven't been reading a lot this week...battling stupid headaches, sigh)

Edit: Now that I've had time to track it down - Thanks to A Reader's Journal for posting about this book a few months ago. I really loved that her and her daughter were reading Shannon Hale's books together.