Third day in a row with headache.  Or maybe fourth. I'm losing track.

Keep forgetting to buy Advil. The only painkillers in the house are Midol and some prescription stuff with codeine in it left over from my wisdom teeth surgery. Midol don't cut it (and in all honesty Advil likely wouldn't either but it might lessen the pain somewhat).  And I refuse to use the codeine stuff cause well...that's not what I got it for and I hate using meds for the reason other than which they were prescribed for.  If I get to the point where I start walking into walls or falling over when I stand up I may change my mind on that but I'm not at that point (yet...).   Of course I'm also not moving so that may be contributing to the lack of wall crashing.

This has been the worst headache autumn I've had in many years. The last few years (by which I mean like 5) have been really good actually. Oddly is was 10 years ago this fall that they all started. Even though it hurt at lot I really didn't think much of it and likely wouldn't have gone to the doctor except for two things. The first being the time after school that my mother picked me up. We made a stop somewhere and she got out of the car while I stayed in because it hurt to move my head.  I remember she was talking to someone near the car and blew them off saying that she had to go because I wasn't feeling well.  Apparently I looked a lot worse than I felt and it was starting to frighten her.  Blowing someone off is not my mother's style (or really the style of anyone in our community). it's considered rude and we're not purposely rude people and I remember sitting in the car thinking she'd be talking to that person for ages. She surprised me.

The second incident was not long after, possibly even the same week.  On a Saturday night I went to bed at 8:30 instead of going to party. Between the couch and my bed, a distance of less than 20 steps I fell over when I stood up and walked into the wall.  Twice.  Is it any wonder my mother made me go to the doctor?

I'm trying to distract myself from the pain in my head by typing. It's not quite working.  But I figure it can't be too bad if I'm still rambling.  Rambling is a good sign.  Also I do not need to move my head while typing. This is a good thing. Moving my head is bad.