Legend of Sleepy Hollow

I can't find an image of the copy I read so no image for you! I know, you are sad aren't you?

I've never read this although I'm familiar with the story.  I think most of us are.  Great language. Excellent use of punctuation, especially the semicolon. ;)

Personally I think that I prefer this as a read aloud book than a read to myself book. I read a section of it out loud to get an idea of the pacing (what with all the semicolons and all) to see how the rhythm went and I really think that it's one of those stories that is meant to be read out loud.

But I'll allow Irving is love of semicolons. After all, I sport a lovely addiction to parentheses. (How can you not? They are such useful things...).

I had planned to have this read before Halloween. Oops. At least I got it read before it's due date right???