Dear Maclean's

Dear Maclean's,

While eating my lunch and letting my work computer process things I was flipping through your new University issue.  Your article, It's Almost Like Home, caught my eye. It's on university residences. The article, Feeding the Student Body, on food at universities caught my eye as well.

Do you know what you didn't mention while you were rambling on about McGill wonderful "New Res"? You didn't mention the fact that the "rent" of a room (+ food plan) for one single month in the current school year is $1,388.00.  Now put yourself in the place of a student, someone such as myself, who had to rely on the student loan program in order to go to university.  Don't say my parents should have paid for it.  I'll shove a shoe up your ass. My mother lives below the poverty line.  Now...based on what I've found student loans for undergrads max at between $9500-11,500 per school year.  Hmmm lets see...we'll take the cost of rez and food (and by the way...does that food plan include weekend meals??? Cause not all of them do....) and multiple that by 8 and we get $11, 104.  So if by some miracle I would have managed to get $11,500 in funding that would leave me $396 for a years worth of books, tuition, any "extra" food (see statement wondering if that included weekend meals), photocopying, school supplies, any medications, etc. etc. etc.

Get a job??? Suuuurrreeeeeeeee.  You know what happened when I was a student and I got a job??? They CUT MY DAMNED LOAN AMOUNT.  I had to appeal. I succeeded. Luckily. Otherwise I would have been left with about $200 for food for four months (NOTE: I did not live in residence, I had a cheap-ass tiny apartment in not the greatest area of town that was frequently visited by hookers who gave their johns blow-jobs in the elevator.) And summer jobs????? Yeah, the bulk of that money went to paying off "emergency" (aka I have no money to eat or to buy my books) loans that I had to take out during the year.

Oh and your article about the food on university campuses??? You failed to mention how many of those "cafes" were included in the food plan.

So dear Macleans - BITE MY ASS.

How about getting real about talking about the REAL cost of university? Because as you stated in another article in this issue, post-secondary education is expected for most people looking to get a job these days.

Get real.  Then maybe we'll talk.



(aka a chick with so much student loan debt she'll be lucky to be rid of it by the time she's retirement age and would love to see Lester B. Pearson's dream of student loans being interest free yet again a reality)